So this is hard….

Harder then I thought it would be :’( Although, it seriously does pain me, fyeamikita will be deactivated as of today. I, Rachel, who started and have ran this blog with the utmost love in my heart, unfortunately have to say goodbye to it. The reasons are a bit complicated and I rather not get into it that much, because I always wanted this blog to be nothing but full of Mikita love, and that is how it shall go out as well. The blog will not be deleted though, so you can always come back and re-visit old Mikita memories. I would never deprive Mikita’s lovely followers of that. :) But, I unfortunately again, just am not in a position anymore to keep up with updating the blog and I felt i owed Mikita’s fans and followers of their blog some closure. You can always follow me on my personal blog, where I could always post Mikita gifs and gfx’s again, you never know ;P I just do not have the disposition to keep up with a blog solely for them. I really, do wish to thank all of the amazing followers on here, who just are so full of love for this couple and really kept me so motivated to make *shitty* pretty little edits of the Badass Soulmates <3 I really am sorry I must leave you all, but do hope you understand. I would love to still hear from some if not most of you on my personal, so if you have any question or concerns, you can always drop me an ask on there ;)

Again, I cannot say this enough: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

For all the follows, reblogs, likes and msgs over this year and a half! And I do hope you all keep loving and supporting Mikita, they need all of the love! xxxx

we were always meant to say goodbye. (x) 

we were always meant to say goodbye. (x

Maggie Q | Cape Awards 11’

Maggie Q | Cape Awards 11’

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theweirdfandomgirl: Can I just say that last photoset post you made? It had me tearing up and smiling and it was just perfect and GOD, how can you make such Mikita perfection into such simply amazing posts? NEVER unfollowing BTW.

D’awww <3 Thank you so much love! Truly, those Mikita moments in that gif set were their some of their prime times! <3 It makes us tear up a bit as well :’) And thanks so much for following! xx

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